Monday, August 10, 2009

Thunder storms

The most exciting thing in Oklahoma is it's wild weather. It is 11:30pm and Steve and I are wide awake because of the storm outside. It's jump out of your seat crazy. Wind gusts at 50 mph, with frequent lightning and heavy rain. This is the most fun I've had watching weather. I actually look forward to these types of storms. Steve and I haven't seen any tornado's yet, but we hope to see a little one while we're here.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Disneyland Street

My favorite part of the place, the Bookshelf's!

The Haunted Bathroom
(Scary Closet)

Here are more photos of our new place. It is really a nice place on the inside, scary on the outside. Steve and I think the place is haunted though. I think it is the closet that's haunted, (but then again I have this fear of closets since I was a kid, thanks christian). Steve thinks the bathroom is the room that is haunted. You would think that it might be scary, but surprisingly it's not. We're used to having roommates.

We live in a historic area right next to Heritage hills. These homes are beautiful! They have lots of tree's lining the street, the grass is always cut and clean, and the homes are beautifully restored. Steve and I took a walk though the neighborhood, everything was calm and quiet, except for the animals in the trees. They were loud, there must have been a couple of loud bugs, although we didn't see any. Steve said it was just as loud as the forest in Hawaii. It reminded me of the jungle cruse ride at Disneyland.

Steve and I explored a little this weekend and we found Brick Town. Its a fun downtown area with a river walk, shops, resterants, and music concert halls. Steve and I ate at a highly recommended BBQ place, Earls Rip Palace. It was very good but Steve and I agreed that it didn't compare to Phil's or Pat's. It was fun and I think we will be eating out a lot here.